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Nadine M. Thêry
Nadine M. Thêry

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Any resources on SPA SEO?

Hi there! Can you please recommend me some reliable resources that help me understand (and defend if it's the case) the indexing and crawling of SPA by search engines?
I need to make a decision on what kind of app to make is SPA or MPA and the SEO is the most important aspect for marketing and against SPA...

Thanks a lot!

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Antonio Radovcic

It's just more expensive to crawl JS-apps. You can crawl a server-rendered website instantly with CURL, it's all there. If you want to do the same to a JS-app, you need to start up a JS-environment, execute the code, wait for loading, etc. It makes the bad SEO for JS-Apps understandable.

You can still do an SPA: with server-rendering.
Next.js would be an example for React, or Nuxt for Vue.
You'll need to run a NodeJS-server, though.

If SEO is really important, I'd go for a classic website.

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I know this is a bit late, but I know Angular offers an easy way to setup server-side rendering. Check out their docs,