15 days of #100DaysofCode for a complete Noob - Have I achieved anything relevant?

Nadine M. Thêry on June 12, 2019

I have just read the post about Advice for people who changes career after their 30s. And I must I say it encouraged me to write my first post here... [Read Full]
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What you've done so far is incredible. It took me a month to create a simple carousel at the inception of my dev tuition (Although at the time i didn't even know sites like freecodecamp existed). Keep learning by working on real projects. That way you are incited to make research about some design patterns that could help you scale through problems. Wish you d best of luck in your tremendous learning journey


Thank you very much for your kind words. I will do my best!


Hola, you are doing very well already Nadine. You are going fast.

Keep making things. Make lots & lots. Make hard things. Make real things. Build your portfolio. Get traffic (it makes you make things differently).

Congrats & good luck. 👍


Thank you Vuild!! I will take your advice seriously.

Kind regards :)


First off, for real, what you've already done in 15 days is fantastic! Especially the fact that you attended an event, that's a super valuable way to meet people, get involved with the community (if you want to, you can also just have fun for a day and that's fine 😎), and stay excited about the journey!

DEV is a great place to be, and I hope you stick around and keep showing us what you've been up to! Your portfolio site is gorgeous, by the way; it's motivating me to go update my own haha!


Thanks a lot for your words. It is flattering coming from you. And of course it is awesome to have inspired you in some way hehehe. Cheers


Great article. You have motivated me to write more as well. Good to know there are others in the same boat as me. Keep it up!


Sure! I feel like Dev.to is definitely the good place to do it. Please share your mood and feelings it helps us to keep moving!


Excellent progress, keep going!

FYI: your codepen dashboard link leads to my own one. codepen.io/nanythery/ is the one you may want to use.

Also some ways to think about refining work etc, can you do the lightbulb without JS? (html checkbox button and css pseudo classes)


Thanks a lot for going throught the whole article. I have just corrected the URL for Codepen!

I will write down the suggestion about the bulb for next project. I was focusing on getting some CSS and HTML basic knowledge asap. And now I do want to focus on Javascript.

I will keep you posted :D


Like you, I too am teaching myself. The fear is 100% natural, and you're not alone. Not only do self-learned people feel this way but people who have been in the field for years, even tens of years. Just keeping pushing through and remember the struggle is part of the process.

All that being said, you have accomplished a lot in the short time you have been learning, just think what you can do with more experience.


Thank you! Of course it is a matter of patience:)


Thank you Cécile. There's still a long way to go. But I feel that I am in the right path.


Seems like we are following the same path and going through similar emotions on this journey. I’m excited to see where this leads you!


It is so nice to share experiences. Please let me know about your improvements too. Best!

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