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100 Days of Code day 5 (except I skipped one because I was sick)

I accidentally skipped a day because I was sick and it was only the third day so now I am an accidental liar D:

I've focused on working with Python and will probably mostly continue to do so, but I need to brush up on Java before school starts. I've mostly been building things from the Python web dev course I'm following.

I also emailed my friends' dad who wants a website and maybe I can help with that next week.

It will be so hard to go back to work on Tuesday!! Trying to teach yourself everything you want to know plus everything you think you need to know before you start school while working a 40-but-really-more-like-50 hour a week job is honestly pretty brutal and it's no wonder I'm burnt out.

But! Tomorrow is a day for grilled pineapple and nothing else really matters.

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nano-c Author

Day 6 - I edited my friend's dad's website, but can't put that on my github. But I did a thing!