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100 Days of Code - Day 1

I am so jetlagged I've been up since 2 am. I read somewhere that the school I applied to uses Java, so I decided to get a book to get used to the syntax and so on before I (hopefully) start next month.

So far it looks like it's similar to C++, for my purposes.

So anyway in terms of days of code! I've pushed a version of the number guessing game in Java. I will do the same for Rust (which I want to learn for personal interest reasons). Then I will work on something web-devvy front-endy, hopefully from a coffeeshop. That's more related to my current career goals soooo it makes sense.

I also have this crazy urge to draw Louise Belcher using CSS. Maybe over the coming weeks.

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Ben Lovy

I want to see Louise Belcher built with CSS. Just, you know, registering that.

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nano-c Author

aah this is exactly why I put things online. Now I have to try it.

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