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Anton Zhiyanov
Anton Zhiyanov

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AI SQLite Assistant

While trying to trick AI into saying ethically questionable things may be fun for some of us, I prefer more practical and useful scenarios.

So, as of today, Sqlime — an online SQLite playground — includes the "Ask AI" feature.

AI can explain, teach, and troubleshoot your SQL without leaving the playground:

  1. Write a question as a comment above the query.
  2. Click "Ask AI".
  3. Receive a not-so-fast, but often useful answer from AI.

Ask AI

Try it out! All you need is an OpenAI API key.

Ask AI in Sqlime

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Slava Rozhnev

I want to introduce here one more AI powered SQL fiddle where ChatGPT using not limited by your API key, so you can use it for free. However, the project is funded by donations, so your help will be appreciated.

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