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What Do You Think About Togetherness In The Situation of These Days?

nald_dev profile image Nald Dev Updated on ・1 min read

Hello there, I'm Reynald from Indonesia, this is my first post on

Right now, in my country have been hit by coronavirus, as of today the number of total cases is 686 persons and total deaths is 55, it starting to spread exponentially recently.

Suddenly it feels like almost everybody in Indonesia starting talk a lot about it, I find myself people in Indonesia still not having enough of togetherness of humanity, everyone like have their own argumentation (did me too?).

I just want my country to be more together facing these situations, caring themselves and caring others focusing on optimism ways whatever happen next!

So I made a website at , the website is a maps that contains posts from everybody that who want submit their hope or information post from instagram to my website.

I have share it to many friends and lot of acquaintances, not getting any significant responses.

Even my website not engaged enough, I can accept it, I'm just want the people together-like about these situations.

I believe when we feel like together in these situations, our number will be more exponentially than the virus spread.

Stay healthy everyone! Thank You

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