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Track your add-on's performance: extension analytics now available on Partner Center

Extension developers can now track the in-market performance of their extension on the Partner Center. Analytics related to extensions is now publicly available, which has been a consistent top ask by our partners.

For each extension, one can track the extension’s performance under the ‘Analytics’ tab on the extension’s page. There are three types of data fields available for an extension, each with a set of various other filters such as distribution against region, OS, and language. The data fields available are: Weekly users, Daily installs, and Daily impressions.


If you are an extension developer, you can now track your extension’s performance data and work on improving their extension's reach to the users. If you would like to register as an Edge extension developer, you can use the guidance mentioned here.

What else would you like to see and monitor about your extensions? Do share your feedback in the comments!

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