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Vim is a computer program that is used to write text (text editor) the same as the program above.
Vim stands for Vi iMproved which was first released in 1991.Vim is an existing ediotor called vi that adds a variety of new features (note again that it stands for vim). Vi itself been around since 1972.

B.How to install vim

1.Go to terminal then run the command

  • yum -y install vim
  • vim

2.Here in the terminal will appear about vim.

3.If it is out. Please type :q and enter.Done, vim is installed.


Navigatung through text is a necessary function. With vim, there are two ways you can navigate the text you are editing:by using the arrow keys, or by using the HLKJ key.

  • H - left To move the cursor to left
  • L - right To move the cursor to right
  • K - up To move the cursor to up
  • J - back To move the cursor to up

D.Command vim

1.create a new file
Vim test.txt

2.Doing editing
press i key on keyboard then the insert description will appear automatically then press the Esc key to exit Insert mode

3.Remove text block in vim
press the V key (automatically insert visual description) then press the shift key + down arrow, to delete press the x or d key

4.Save and exit editing
To save
Exit vim text editor
Save and exit at the same time.
Note: if you get a Readonly message when exiting, you can save it or force it out with the command to add a !

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