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Marcus Kohlberg for Encore

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Encore for TypeScript - Open Source Backend SDK & Rust runtime for Node.js

Day 1 of Launch Week is finally here and we're kicking things of with a big one...

Encore for TypeScript is now available and ready for production use!

You can now use Encore's simple experience for building event-driven and distributed system, in TypeScript.

It's based on a new Open Source Backend SDK that provides a declarative way of building services, APIs, and using cloud primitives like databases, Pub/Sub, cron jobs, and more.

Encore for TypeScript is powered by our new Rust-based runtime, integrated with Node.js for 100% compatability the Node ecosystem. It provides some major upgrades compared to standard Node.js/Express:

  • 7x faster throughput (req/s)
  • 85% reduced response latency
  • 0 NPM dependencies
  • End-to-end type-safety even at runtime

馃憠 Read all about the launch on the blog or watch the launch video on YouTube 馃憟

Tune in for Launch Week

Top comments (3)

latobibor profile image
Andr谩s T贸th

Runtime type safety will elevate TS to be on level with classic statically typed languages! I was always missing this feature and had to write a separate validator to make sure what's in TS is actually coming in from the user.

Great job folks!

marcuskohlberg profile image
Marcus Kohlberg

Thanks Andr谩s!

rajaraghav profile image
Raja Raghav

Can it be used as a replacement for nginx-node reverse proxy server?
Should I expect 85% reduced response latency?

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