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OpenBSD 7.3 on VirtualBox 7: Installation as guest OS failed due to I/O APIC enabled


With VirtualBox 7.0, installing OpenBSD 🐡 7.3 as guest on Artix Linux 🐧 as host failed.

It was because of vbox Settings, in which checked (by default) was System - Motherboard - "Enable I/O APIC"...🤕

Although I don't know it has something to do with the failure, I found VirtualBox documentation telling:

software support for I/O APICs has been unreliable with some OSes other than Windows.


It happened just after I finished answering to the OpenBSD installer and installation began. (See the first line below.)

Installing bsd 0% (...)
dc_atapi_start: not ready, st = 40
fatal protection fault in supervisor mode
trap type 4 code 0 rip ff(...) cs 8 rflags 10286 cr2 42f9c8 cpl 6 rsp ff(...)
gsbase 0xff(...) kgsbase 0x0
panic: trap type 4, code=0, pc=ff(...)
syncing disks...6 6 (...)
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I had to uncheck "Enable I/O APIC" of System - Motherboard in VirtualBox Settings to successfully install OpenBSD as guest.


Anyway, it solved my problem 🙂

This post is based on my tweets.

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