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Nemo File Manager (A Fork Of GNOME Files): Recovering Bookmarks Of Places

nabbisen profile image Heddi Nabbisen ・1 min read

Nemo is an open source file manager, a fork of GNOME Files, one of the components of Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop environment.

Nemo has the function called Places which enable bookmarks management.
Places look like the left pane of this image:

This post is a very tiny tip about customizing it based on my small trouble.

My trouble was losing an important bookmark.
There are a couple of ways to delete the bookmarks from Places.

The tooltip menu provides the way to "Remove" it:

Also, there is an easier way.
Just pushing the "Delete" key of keyboards by mistake when focusing on some of them brought me "Ahhhhg..."

I was in trouble for a while, and found the way to recover it.
No menus or commands were required.

Just drag and drop:

That's just it:

Happy computing 😉

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