Cinnamon Desktop: Alt + Tab Switcher Style

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It is a small tip about Cinnamon desktop environment, which is well known as the standard of Linux Mint.

I have moved from Mate to Cinnamon recently.
(Well, I like Mate for its good balance between lightweight and usefulness.)

Cinnamon has a lot of useful function and elegant effect, and most of them satisfy me.
The default style of "alt + tab" windows switcher is one of few exceptions.


With too small icons, I couldn't figure out what the application is:


In the system settings window, go to [Preferences] - [Windows]:

Choose [Alt-Tab] tab and set up [Alt-Tab switcher style]:

The options are:

  • Icons only
  • Thumbnails only
  • Icons and thumbnails
  • Icons and window preview
  • Windows preview (no icons)
  • Coverflow (3D)
  • Timeline (3D)


With bigger icons and also thumbnails:

It's better to me : )

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do you happen to know some way to change alt-tab behavior to switch application rather than windows
thank you


Yes, it's by chance with a little effort to be in search.
Thank you, too, Harsh, for your commenting 😉