How to fix unwanted redirection's remaining in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome sometimes redirects to an unwanted direction automatically whereas there is no such configuration in your web server.
It's because Google Chrome stores 301 redirection history in cache.
The problem can be fixed by "Developer tools" in the browser to create request with cache disabled just once.

How To

  1. Run Google Chrome in your computer.
  2. Open "Developer tool" by any one of:
    • Pressing F12.
    • Using the browser menu: "More tools" - "Developer Tools".
  3. Open "Network" tab.
  4. Check "Disable cache".

    Google Chrome's Developer tools

  5. Connect to a FQDN where you want not to redirect to another.

    • You will see the site as you wish.
  6. Uncheck "Disable cache" to reset.


Of course, it was my case, my failure.
I configured my web server to 301 redirect from FQDN-a to another, FQDN-b, for testing temporarily.
Then I was fallen into a state of affliction as all my trials to connect to FQDN-a brought me to FQDN-b, ahhh 😵
Perhaps, I should have used 302 temporary redirection for "testing"... 🙂

Thank you for your reading.
Happy computing.

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