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re: I bought my last name .dev so I could make my resume/Linkedin email kayla@lastname.dev (I tried going for kayla.dev but someone bought it early in ...

Nice idea. Unfortunately my lastname is already taken.

But "lastname.dev" is available. As well as "mylastname.dev"

I wonder if someone was to register those, and just watch for misdirected emails, would that result in any? I can picture someone at a office somewhere, telling a colleague, just send me a mail at "Steve at my last name dot dev" and someone using that literally.


I have notareal.email and I see all sorts of emails people think go nowhere.


I'm thinking .dev will be enough of a niche domain that it wouldn't happen that often, though I'd make use of a generic catch-all mailbox like anything not admin forward to admin@lastname.dev to make sure I'd get to see those emails :)

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