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This week in Flutter #20

Big news this week! Google announced Dart 2.14 and Flutter 2.5: Apple Silicon support and standard lints are the prominent updates for Dart.

For Flutter there are performance improvements, Material You support, camera and image picker updates, Widget Inspector improvements, and a new starter project.

Read these recap by Motabar Javaid, Ozan Taskiran.

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Development πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

πŸ”— Flutter Performance Tips

Here is a short list of tips to improve the performance of your Flutter app. Each tip has a link to a longer explanation if you want more information about it. A nice list by Hasan Basri Bayat.

πŸ”— Clean Network Layer in Flutter [Dio + Freezed + Json_Annotation]

Create your network layer once and use it in all your projects, with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Ercan Garip.

πŸ”— Flutter Bloc: A Complete Guide

I stopped using the original BLoC some time ago, I find it too complicated to understand for new developers when they join the team. But if you want to learn more about it, Dhruv Nakum published a nice article where he creates a simple weather app.

πŸ”— Using GraphQL with Flutter: A tutorial with examples

GraphQL is getting used more and more by API providers. There are some packages in Flutter/Dart that help you with using it in your app. I believe that graphql_flutter is one of the best and in this article, Chidume Nnamdi shows you how to use it with a tutorial.

πŸ”— Cubit 101: What is It, How to Use it and More

And after the article about BLoC above, here is an article about Cubit, an evolution of BLoC. I always say that I stopped using BLoC, but I can see myself starting to use Cubit in the future. This is a well-written article, I suggest you read it even if you already know Cubit. Via Gianfranco Pigatto.

πŸ”— Exploring the Stripe Flutter SDK

Stripe is a payment service system with good APIs. Emmanuel Etukudo shows you how you can integrate it into a Flutter app, with support with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

πŸ”— Getting to know Flutter: Pull to refresh with online data

The pull to refresh is a common UX feature of apps with lists. Learn how to implement it with this article by TheOtherDev/s. This article uses an external package: pull_to_refresh, but...

πŸ”— RefreshIndicator (Flutter Widget of the Week) can also use the standard RefreshIndicator.

πŸ”— Implementing SVG in Flutter with flutter_svg

Did you know you can easily use SVG in your Flutter app? Majid Hajian knows that, and he wrote an article about it.

πŸ”— Advance Scrolling in Flutter - Part (1)

An extensive article about scrolling in Flutter, with examples and GIFs, so that you do not have to implement everything yourself to test it. By Dhruv Nakum.

Architecture πŸ›

πŸ”— Flutter: MVVM architecture best practice using Provide & HTTP


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