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This article is trending at #1 on hacker news right now:
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I find it to be a sad truth that blogging is no longer about publishing content that reaches a specific audience.

It is monetized by companies now and diminishes quality content if not cross-pulishdx or copied over to that platform .

I love Blog-O-Matic, because it creates custom articles to try and allow the viewers to relate to the bloggers style. And the app doesn't force users to publish on a singular platform, but creates a custom website and URL BY DEFAULT!

Maybe I'm on to something here... I started this journey to give my kids a way to start creating a public profile to learn about "personal branding" (my 16 year old had turned his DJ/music producer hobby into something more "professional"), and now I can see the value in my approach.

If you can leave a comment, could you tell me if you have started creating your own "public online profile"? Why did you start? If not, are you not for a reason? Maybe you see value in having content published while looking a job. Maybe you have a service you want to provide and you want to create articles promoting that. Let me know please?

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