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This was my response to another message I opened today:

".C'mon ... you made me download and read some document with nothing to explain even the company you are working for? Please consider my years of experience along with my current position before thinking it's okay to ask if I would send all my details and resume blindly. If this is some general template you spam to random people, that's just wrong. But so many call themselves "recruiters" but treat experienced professional developers the same as some junior who needs any job for the experience. I would never make you guess my skill set or value , please show the same kindness "

I'm having a hard time understanding why it seems like the title of "recruiter" has any weight in our field (software engineering).

Before the pandemic, I was launching the beta for my app, "Blog-O-Matic", which I became obsessed with creating when my kids made it clear that the way anyone creates content today is "dated"....

But even before that project, I have been producing chapters for an e-book based on my interviewing experiences since my first attempt at working as a professional developer (so many years ago...). These blog articles told a story of how the process goes, what had changed over the years, and most importantly, understanding the value of the company contacting me via "talent acquisitionists" as opposed to emails from unknown recruitment agencies.

This "book" was more of a personal journey to understanding how to publish s professional book and piece together chapters that make sense. I now have been on the other side of an interview, and also have helped others obtain positions because of my experience. The outline from all of this has morphed into a utility I now use for a check list and guidance for the circles I'm involved with.

When I make a decision to set time aside (time is anyone's most valuable commodity and should be handled like money), I announce it on a public forum. Not to gain a following or hope for masses to be interested. It's a move to mark the occasion, but also so if someone who knows me reads these articles... I get reenforce my work ethic and dedication, or have no effort to back up these ideas and feel like a fool with s big mouth.

So this article will begin documenting a couple projects starting this weekend. If you are still reading this, and like the idea of a platform/service that focuses on recruiting for the DEVELOPER's needs instead the companies, shoot me a message.


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