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React JS Interview Questions - Part 1

What is React JS?

🚀 Welcome to the world of React JS, a powerful JavaScript library for building dynamic user interfaces! Let's break down the essence of React JS step by step.

React JS: Library or Framework?

React JS stands as a versatile JavaScript library. While comparisons with frameworks like Angular or Vue are common, React is akin to a toolbox, offering a diverse set of tools that can be added as needed. It's like building your toolkit for a custom-tailored framework experience.

💼 For routing, dive into React Router.
🔮 For state management, explore the realm of Redux.
🎨 To add stylish icons, discover the world of React-Icons.

The beauty lies in the flexibility. As you integrate these tools, React transforms into a full-fledged framework tailored to your needs.

Components: The Building Blocks

At the heart of React lies the concept of components. These are the Lego blocks of your UI architecture. Just like Lego, you build amazing structures by combining these pieces.

React Components

In the image above, different components are color-coded, illustrating the art of breaking down a website into manageable modules.

Why Components?

Think of components as your superpower. They eliminate repetition and promote consistency.

Reusable Components

Reusable Components 2

Check out my portfolio as an example. The popup component? Used multiple times with unique data. The navbar and footer? Created once, used universally.

Efficiency meets elegance, as time is saved and branding remains cohesive throughout.

Until Next Time

That concludes Part 1 of our journey.

See You Soon

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🎉 Happy Coding! 👋

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