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Mike Ekkel
Mike Ekkel

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Which productive activities are typically seen as unproductive?

Inspired by the following post:

I sometimes find myself in a situation where I'm being called out for doing something that's 'unproductive' when in reality it's helping me be more productive. Be it reading about some sort of coding related problem I am facing or sorting out my backlog so I can get my priorities straight.

So, what productive activities are typically seen as unproductive?

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Ben Lovy

Taking a walk every few hours.

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Mike Ekkel • Edited

Oh 100%! I've learned the hard way that it's incredibly important for lots of reason to get up, stretch and, preferably, walk for a bit every 1 to 2 hours!

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Corey McCarty

I can't agree more!

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Cécile Lebleu

Resting :)
Not as in “sleep all day every day”, but in “sleep as much as you need and take time to just do nothing for a while sometimes”. The brain and the body can’t grow without resting consistently

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Writing tests?