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Mike Ekkel
Mike Ekkel

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How do you keep track of your goals?

When it comes to getting things done there are so many sources to look for inspiration on how to manage and keep track of that. For your own goals, however, I haven’t really found a great resource just yet.

This leads me to ask you all:
How do you keep track of your goals?

They could be personal or professional. So basically ranging from “I want to read more” to “I want to write more technical blog posts”. Share your thoughts, tools and approaches and let’s discuss them.

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Mike Chung

For dev/coding related, I liked to use a milestone feature (e.g., gitlab, github) and for personal projects, I like to use trello and simply create a list for each milestone. In terms of the framework for setting/tracking goals, I like to use OKR for longer terms and sprint planning for shorter terms.

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Mike Ekkel

I quite like the checkboxes idea. I'm always torn between paper and paper-less. Mainly because I find paper to be faster, but in time I find it to result in a lot of frustration not being able to move things around.

On the other hand, moving things around digitally causes a mess incredibly fast. So honestly there's something to be said for both concepts.

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Clifton Long Jr.

Bullet Journal. Believe in its power!

I have one of those monitor risers that has a little cubby-hole where I keep my journal; so it's there for my review every morning (or work session).

Each month, I make a list of the most important goals, ranging from academic ("learn how to do x in Sketch") to productive ("post x and y articles"), or overhead ("don't forget this bill!"). Then I re-arrange them in an Eisenhower Matrix so I can make sense of the mess.

After you organize the month's goals, it's quite easy to delegate per week. I'm finding it a lot more effective to dedicate a week to certain "themes," rather than try to do a bunch of different things. It helps your rhythm.

Then you just split your weekly goals across the days!

What's most important is establishing the goals and making the plan. Once you frame the macro, the micro tends to naturally fall into place.

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Cesar Aguirre

A plain txt file