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What is System Design?

Hello 👋 & welcome to the first post of System Design by @mukeshkuiry

In this post, I'm going to give an overview of
"What is system design?"

System design is the process of defining the elements of architecture
🧑‍💼 , interface, modules, components, data, etc. ⏳

It must satisfy each unique need or demand of the business 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻 or organization in order to guarantee a smooth 🌟 and functional system.

System design requires a systemic approach to
build for efficient system. 🚀

A good system design requires you to think 🤔 about the
whole infrastructure, from the hardware and software
all the way down to the data 📂 and how it's stored, before actually implementing it into the organization.

System design includes 3 main methods:

1. Architectural design: describes the views 🪟, models, behavior, and infrastructure of a system.

2. Logical design: represents the data flow ✈️, and input/output of the system.

3. Physical design: includes how a user interacts 👤 with these data, how the system represents the user, and how data is modeled/stored.

Next Post ✍️ on some fundamentals of System Design ( Specifically on Horizontal and vertical scaling)

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