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Mukesh Kuiry
Mukesh Kuiry

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Beginner to Expert guide on Docker 馃悑 & Kubernetes 鈽革笍 | Series

Hello, techno-travelers! 馃寪馃殌

Welcome to the new blog series on Docker 馃悑 & Kubernetes 鈽革笍, where I'm going to unveil the mysterious power of containerization based on my 2 years of experience in developing containerized applications.

I'm confident that by the end of this series, you will be able to easily containerize and deploy 馃帀 your projects.


Now, let's quickly provide you with an overview of what I'm going to teach you.

Table of blogs 鉁嶏笍

Docker 馃悑 Dive:

  • Motivation behind Containers
  • Docker's Evolution
  • Decoding Docker Terms
  • Setting Up Docker & Hello World
  • Navigating 3rd Party Containers
  • Creating a Demo with Docker
  • Building Docker Images 101
  • Understanding Container Registries
  • Running and Managing Containers
  • Container Security Essentials
  • Interacting with Docker Objects
  • Optimizing Development Workflow
  • Code to Cloud: Deploying Containers

Kubernetes 鈽革笍 Journey:

  • Kubernetes Essentials
  • Building a Local Kubernetes Cluster
  • Creating and Scaling Deployments
  • Services and Deployments with YAML
  • Connecting Deployments
  • Switching Runtimes: Docker to CRI-O

Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter for more. 馃寪馃懇鈥嶐煉

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs!

Till them keep coding! Bye 馃憢

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