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Muhammad Shahrukh Sheikh
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My Take on Automotive Digital Transformation

The automotive manufacturing industry has witnessed a massive technological upgrade in the recent past. This has been made possible because of connected factories. Today, it is possible for automotive manufacturers to improve upon a host of factors, such as efficiency and innovation. But this is not the only positive thing about this technological upgrade. As it turns out, a great number of automotive manufacturers are yet to adapt to this digital transformation. This clearly highlights the point that the world is yet to witness the proper impact of the automotive digital transformation.

It is about time that those automotive manufacturers that are yet to fully adopt the latest technological innovations should adapt to the powers of the Internet of Things, Data Analytics, and Automation. There are some concerns in this regard. For instance, one of the leading concerns is that adopting these technologies is costly and time-consuming. Here, it is important to understand that the timely adoption of these technologies is immensely beneficial in both the short and the long run. For instance, this is especially beneficial for those automotive manufacturers that want to not just survive but thrive in an ever-competitive automotive industry.

Let's talk about profitability a bit. As it turns out, automotive digital transformation has a very positive effect on a manufacturer's overall profitability rate. Perhaps this transformation will allow any given manufacturer to enjoy better-than-expected profitability margins. Hopefully, in the future, not just the manufacturers but also the consumers will enjoy the immense benefits that are presented by the automotive digital transformation. Before any manufacturer commences with the adaptation of the automotive digital transformation, it is important to consult with all those professionals who have a successful track record of dealing with the relevant transformation matters.

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