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My Journey From Getting Hacked to a Security Consultant (Ethical Hacking)

Who doesn’t love to Hack Facebook or Websites? I was searching for these Hack kinds of stuff and joined a few groups on Facebook in such a manner.

It was 2012 I was looking over my Facebook news feed and founded that a lady posted an Application software with the name of “Free WiFi Hacker 2012 For Windows”. My eyes got that and without wasting my time, I visit the link and there was a video demonstrating that this apparatus is working thoroughly fine. How might I miss this? I downloaded that application and think about what’s next?

Nothing happened and NO WiFi key broke and subsequent to running three or four times I removed that application since now in my view it has no utilization yet who knows this file was the turning point of my life. I was amateur at that point and don’t know much about Trojans and Malware.

Barely any minutes a popup alert box showed up on my screen saying “HAHAHA! You got HACKED by Maheer Haxor”. I got goosebumps and after that, I straightforwardly plugged out wire of my Computer because no other option left for me.

Later subsequent to clearing my entire Computer system. I searched for Maheer Haxor and approached him. What I saw on his Facebook timeline was that he recorded all the activity I was doing on my computer and he got to the greater part of my Computer information that including, Files, Directories, Webcam Recording, Screen Recording, Browser History and everything. I thought of messaging him however now there was no point of it. Regardless I recollect that I can’t sleep for a few days considering it.

I got curious that how he did that all and how might I target him back. In research of this following few months, I could target anybody on the planet with the celerity of Social Engineering.

Around then who knows whether that file is Trojan. Presently I understood how to target somebody and how to remain safe on the internet since it isn’t so much that much simple as it sounds like. I got involved into few BlackHat Hackers association in the wake of seeing theirs work it truly awed me in light of the fact that the vast majority of them utilize their abilities to target sites on the web. Around then cybercrime was not at its pinnacle and a Hacker can Hack without worries.

I looked more about Website Hacking and researched on it and learnt how to Hack a site and what are the ways a website can be Hacked. I learnt about web hacking techniques and after many battles, a day came when I could hack multiple sites. I got to know about a few Pakistani hacking groups that including, Pak Cyber Force, Pak Cyber Crews, Pak Cyber Army, Pak Cyber Skullz, Pak Exploiters and numerous more identified with it who day by day hack hundred and thousands of sites only for the sake of entertainment, revenge and sometimes few Hackers groups Hack many sites on and totally take over web servers.

I asked everybody from Hacking background to guide me however nobody did because of the fact that nobody believed me whether I’m actually a Hacker or an agent. I researched and got a couple of more aptitudes and afterwards, I could hack various sites around the same time and that was truly an incredible moment for me.

Subsequent to seeing my work Pak Cyber Skullz approached me and offered if I can join their group as a Web Defacer. How might I miss this open door? Two years I worked with Pak Cyber Skullz remotely and all that time I never know anybody individually. Since in BlackHat hacking you need to remain anonymous. I did likewise and utilized "Muhaddi HaXer" as my code name. On the off chance that you do search for Muhaddi HaXer or Pak Cyber Skullz, you’ll become acquainted with a great deal about me in news and blogs.

Later I left Pak Cyber Skullz and left BlackHat hacking on the grounds that at last, you don’t have any identity except a phoney name in Cyber World.

A year ago in 2016, I moved to WhiteHat hacking and a security consultant and as yet contributing in it. Presently I am Web Application/Android/iOS and API security researcher and I worked with top leading organizations and got perceived from them which including, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, Sony, (See and many more. I worked for them and they acknowledged me by recognizing and rewarding bug bounties. I have additionally been welcomed Microsoft for BlueHat V8 conference and another private company to visit their Headquarters in the USA. I unveiled a large number of my discoveries on my own blog on Muhaddis.Info. You’re free to knock my door as a Cyber Security Researcher or a security adviser/consultant.

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onwuegbuchulem profile image

Muhaddi I am interested. Please i need such Cyber security online tutorials and courses from you.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Muhammad Wasif

Wow.... I'm very inspired.
I also wanna learn. Please help me

amitgoyal360 profile image
Amit Goel

I am interested sir. Please guide me.

muhaddimu profile image

Sure, I'll be happy to guide.

There are several roadmaps in cyber security and it depends upon you which one you want to follow on.

vishwasnarayan5 profile image

your story is a true inspiration sir

hemanthkothari3 profile image

My aim to become hacker. Because to solve crime with hacking. So my humble request is plz help me how to access with mobile and laptop

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