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Discussion: Is dotnet CLI a required skill to be assessed in interviews?

dotnet CLI is an amazing tool added in .NET Core that allow developers to use the terminal to create, compile, build, test and deploy .NET Applications.

Why dotnet CLI is important?

  1. You can work with other IDEs with no dependency on Visual Studio

  2. You can work on Linux and macOs

  3. You can use dotnet CLI to create all the steps for a pipeline in any DevOps tool like Jenkins, Azure Devops or Github actions.

  4. You can create script to automate tasks related to your projects.

Even dotnet CLI is an important tool some .NET still don't know how to use it and they depend on Visual Studio to complete all the develop activities.
This is an easy tool to learn but difficult to adopt in the short term.

Do you think we need to validate knowledge about dotnet CLI in interview or just teach about this tool internally as part of continuos improvement in the development teams?

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Drew Knab

No, for two reasons:

dotnet cli is something you can learn on the job as required. Tool chains change and vary by team.

There's still a wide field of capable .NET developers who haven't written code outside of .NET Framework 4.5 - 4.8. Cutting them out of the hiring pipeline because they've never touched dotnet cli is wrong/foolish.

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Miguel Teheran

Somes comments from twitter:

  1. Maybe not required, but it's a plus! Because in Linux or VSCode environment you need to know how to compile/publish your code!

  2. Because so many docs, examples and tutorials rely on CLI commands as a non IDE specific way to scaffold dozens of project types, it's worth at least a few questions to measure the candidate's familiarity. But not make or break.

  3. To me; no it's not required but it will be considered a (minor) plus.

  4. Yes, If you are using VSCode as IDE.