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No-Code Tools For Your Next SaaS & Side-Project

Hi all, hope you are well 👋 In this post I will introduce you couple of no-code tools that might help you to create your next SaaS or side-project. Now let's take a look into no-code tools 👇



Our first tool is AirTable, which is known and used by many as a database tool.

AirTable allows you to create various databases, workflows, charts where you can store your data 💪



Another no-code database platform is BaseRow. They advertise themselves as AirTable alternative 💪



I am using Notion in my daily basis. It is quite helpful to organize my notes, ToDo lists, even my schedule on a calendar view 💪

Although it is not a database product we can use it as, if we want, we can also open a database page and keep our data on



What if you want to use the Google Sheet data on your site as a data source, instead of creating a database from scratch?

Here we come across a very nice product AwesomeTable. It allows us to connect our existing Google Sheets and create a website based on that data 💪



Sometimes you may need data collection (crawling) from various websites and in that case if you don't know how to code ParseHub will help you about it 💪



Let's say you want to create a mobile application with the data that you already have. is a product that transforms your data from various sources such as Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel, BigQuery into a mobile application 💪



All that's left is to create your website. For this, I will share 2 different tools. The first of these is

It offers the opportunity to create a free design using its own editor and publish it under the domain 💪



Another website creation tool is

You can create your website using your existing data by importing them from different data sources such as Airtable and Notion 💪

Now we have almost everything to quickly create our next SaaS product or side-project 🚀 Let's create a website, a landing page, create contents like blog posts, collect some data, visualize them in website and create a mobile application using that data. Good luck 🎉

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