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Mike Sedzielewski
Mike Sedzielewski

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What are the best freebies you ever seen at a conference or contest?

My favourites - RC helicopter from New Relic and ContentSocks

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Ben Halpern

Damnn.. that's cool!

For me it's probably the GitHub figurine

I like it because it is truly a unique wonderful thing to put on my desk, not just a thing with some logo. And I'm sure it goes a lot further for GitHub's brand.

Also at OSCON Stack Overflow was giving away these "I am not a robot" stickers which were accompanied by a code you could associate with your account. The joke is that they see you IRL so you've proved once and for all that you're not a robot. I thought it was super clever.

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Greg Stevenson

I went to the BlackBerry 10 Jam when they were launching BB10 and we all got given wine and a developer prototype of the then-unreleased BlackBerry Q10

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Dina Gathe

I got a Samsung Galaxy tablet from a Google I/O conference as a giveaway. That was pretty awesome. I don't use it anymore, but at the time it was my first tablet.