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Fewer unit tests more logs

I want to let you know that we've just published the 4th part of the series "Building an online marketplace from scratch". These articles describe one of the modern approaches to designing and building e-commerce applications. It focuses on showing how to ship applications quickly, so the business gets decent time to market. If you want to get along with business people or you’re thinking of becoming a CTO, then this series might well be worth reading.

Here is the summary of what we've published so far:

  1. Introduction - what is it we're going to build
  2. Order Processing - buy vs build dilemma; how to use Salesforce to save months in engineering time
  3. The dark side of Salesforce limits - when and how to shift business logic outside Salesforce
  4. Fewer unit tests more logs - how to approach error handling in a fast-paced software development

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