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Mike Sedzielewski
Mike Sedzielewski

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Becoming an e-commerce architect: 12 API integration skills for developers

Postman has published my article, which highlights key API integration skills essential for an e-commerce developer. The post presents a list of practices and techniques we’ve learned during the development of Voucherify and its integration with various systems, including other headless platforms and consumer-facing applications.


  1. Read the fancy manual
  2. Check API version
  3. Double-check update guarantees and caching
  4. Favor using idempotent endpoints
  5. Scan the data-retention policy
  6. Examine API error handling
  7. Meet an API guardian: the rate limiter
  8. Map out the way from migration to production
  9. Master webhooks
  10. Explore pre-built integrations
  11. Detect downtime with status monitoring
  12. Event-driven architecture and further reading

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