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Buidling an online marketplace platform from scratch

Hey there,

After launching a couple of successful (and these not-so-lucky too) products at rspective and Voucherify, we've concluded that we've gained some solid knowledge on how to approach software development from the business point of view. To put it in a nutshell, we focus on:

  • fast iterations,
  • decent time to market,
  • reduced overengineering,
  • leveraging modern SaaS/API platforms.

Now we'd like to share these insights on architecture & process with the community. To give you better understanding of what we want to show, take a look at this article on how to build an online marketplace from scratch. It's a beginning of the series where we demonstrate how to develop and ship an application in a dynamic business environment. It shows how to use external SaaS/API platforms to get things done super fast.

Is this something you would be interested in?

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