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Making of Among Us in Discord - DEVBLOG 5 - Start Screen (2/3)

Heya, you know me, this is my 6th blog and you WILL know me (newbies, I'm Mr.StiK)

So, as you cans see... yes, I coded till 1:20 AM and my mom got tired and slept after shouting to me to 'Close that dang Computer!!!' and I got the advantage for extra coding time :)

I only slept for 5 hours, but anything for a sussy bot XD.

So, I got players list working! Now whoever presses it, can join with no problem!!! No '2-Players-with-same-name' thing, etc.

But I need to figure out more on this embed, though...

I need to edit the embed, make the lifetime of the embed a bit long because for some reason, only 1 person can interact with it...

And unfortunately, no code for today, because the code is spaghetti and it's still not complete to show you guys... but luckily, I can tell you how I did the Players list management...

You see, the structure of the code is like this, that the Start Button/UI Class (for that embed's Buttons) is above that of the embed message, and I can't do anything on it, because it's the official way, for some reason...

Now, I also did a small change for the thing I'm working on, which is edit embed... so I made the whole start_embed (the embed message for the start screen) to be above the Start UI Class, and the command and sending functions belove the class. Somewhat looks like this:

Button stuff
Sending the embed

so yeah, that's how it works... I might figure this out, but I have to ask, my heaven, to give me the U L T I M A T E S O L U T I O N (XD)

so, that's it!


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