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🖼 Resize and re-compress your photos with

Ryan Collins
Just a geek developing through life.
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Have you needed to quickly resize or recompress a picture and don’t want to wait for Affinity Photo or Photoshop to load? Then do I have a web app for you!

Squoosh is in the house

Squoosh is a Google project that was created to highlight offline apps in the browser. The site allows you to not only convert photos to other formats, but to also resize and reduce the number of colors in a photo.

These two techniques can let you compress photos to at least 90% without any noticeable effects.

CLI now included

But you’re a developer, and you want to be able to automate these conversions. Well, Google also has you covered. You can now run the conversions from the commandline.

Uses for you

I find myself using Squoosh quite a bit for quick compressing and resizing. It works well for these simple tasks when you want something down now!

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