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Paul C. Ishaili
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Introduction to Javascript

Why would I choose Javascript in the First Place?

I began learning Javascript about four (4) years now, but not until my 2 years into JavaScript do I begin to Truly Understand JavaScript.

JavaScript, as we generally know is greatly used by web developers to build functionalities into many developed websites and web applications.

What if I tell you that the application of JavaScript as a programming language goes beyond adding functionalities to websites and web applications?

JavaScript is a programming language that can do even more, such as developing an entire web application, developing API, serving as the programming language for Backend Development, developing desktop applications, building software solutions, and even much more.

Thanks to the developers of many engines, libraries, frameworks, and utilities in the JavaScript community. Implementing JavaScript to develop all of these isn't as difficult as it would have been in many other programming languages, such as PHP .

To really be able to understand JavaScript and use it effectively in building applications and functional web platforms, it will be important that we ground ourselves in Truly Understanding the Fundamentals of JavaScript.

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