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Black Friday Discount , Web Dev news, VueJS & Frontend Love Conference 2018

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This podcast episode is all about Black Friday, Web Dev news and the VueJS & Frontend Love Conference 2018 in Amsterdam!


50% off Black Friday Discount courses from Web Bos

Web Dev News

Frontend Love Conference

Single course / Frontend related topics like VueJS, ReactJS and Angular
February 15th 2018
Theater Amsterdam


  • Luca Mezzalira (Google Developer Expert)
  • Simona Cotin (Developer Advocate Microsoft)
  • Michel Westrate (Creator MobX & Tech lead Mendix)
  • Norbert de Lange (Senior Frontend Consultant Xebia)

VueJS Conference in Amsterdam

Single course / VueJS related topics!
February 16th 2018
Theater Amsterdam

  • Evan You (Vue.js Creator)
  • Sarah Drasner (Developer Advocate Microsoft)
  • Guillaume Chau (Core team member Vue.JS)
  • Sebastien Chopin (NuxtJS co-author)

Enjoy! If you have comments, questions or opinions please share them in the comments! 😇

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Thanks! Looks like a great resource!


Someone has taken the wesbos paid courses?
I've been doing the JavaScript 30 day challenge and he kinda goes over things too fast.
I was wondering if the paid courses are better this black Friday deal is a good opportunity to grab on some of his courses.


Yess I did! ... The NodeJS & ES6(7) are good, that's why I added the links :-)

Sorry for my late response!!