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How to Reach Out to a Recruiter

1. Be realistic about how recruiters work

Most recruiters are managing more than 50 candidates at a time. If recruiters responded to every random inquiry, they wouldn't have time to fill jobs. That's why it's critical to reach out to them with a targeted approach.

2. Know what type of recruiter you're targeting.

You need to understand exactly which type of recruiter - internal, external, or executive - you're reaching out to so you can position yourself properly. Make sure that the recruiter you're approaching is appropriate for your desire role and needs.

3. Prepare for your approach

Before you reach out to the recruiter, update your LinkedIn profile and resume, do your research about the organization and role in question, and prepare to send any materials that they might want to screen before an interview.

4. Explain the "Why"

There are two reasons to approach a recruiter: to help them fill an existing opening or to make them aware that you're interested in future openings.

Explain what you're interested in and why. If you're a good fit for an existing role, you could get some immediate traction. If not, they may enter your information into their database for future openings.

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Discussion (2)

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy • Edited on

You're much better off approaching companies directly. Recruiters in my experience are mostly a waste of time, not knowledgeable about development roles, and care only about their commission

That said, there are some (very few) good ones out there

capz profile image

Approaching? I'd rather they stop spamming us to the level that is happening now. They sometimes don't even bother to replace the name with yours in their standard issue text, it's rediculous!