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Top Benefits of Magento 2 Migration for Your Business

Calvin Austin #Tech
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Magento platform has created a huge buzz in the E-Commerce industry. It is one of the most popular and preferred choices of entrepreneurs to launch their online business in the market. In order to satisfy their customers, improve user experience, and manage online stores in a hassle-free manner, Magento has upgraded its version. Magento 2 has offered an opportunity to the owners to launch highly customized, scalable, and secure online stores.

If you are still confined with Magento 1, then it's high time to switch to Magento 2. Magento 2, a modern version is totally different from the previous one. It is considered as one of the powerful platforms to mark your online business presence. The major benefits that you can experience with it is faster-loading speed, improved admin interface, and high-end technical capabilities.

In this blog, we will be providing you the major reasons why you should opt for Magento 2 for your online store. In order to leverage all the benefits of the E-commerce platform, partner with an E-commerce development company.

Reasons why should you Migrate your business from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

1. Supports Multiple Databases

Magento 2 has resolved the major challenge of the previous version. With the upgraded version, both admin and developers can grab the benefits of the different databases. They are not limited to the usage of a single one. With the original version, users have to manage all the business-related information such as product data, orders and check out on only one. But with the upgraded version Magento 2, it excludes all the major issues such as system failure and overloaded database issues.

2. Faster Loading Time

For websites, it is important that it should provide the fastest loading speed to the users. Online solutions should not consume much time to provide a response to the users. If the E-commerce platforms consume more than 3 seconds to load that it might be possible that customers can switch to another option.

With the original version Magento 1, users have to face the major issue to load the sites. As it is a free version, it doesn’t support full page caching and is not able to support a huge number of transactions at the same time.

Magento 2 offers the fastest loading speed and enhances customer satisfaction as far as ever before. With Magento 1, users can view only 200,000 pages in an hour but when it comes to the next level version - Magento 2, it provides customers to manage 10 million pages in a particular hour.

The major reason that makes Magento 2 more superior is it offers developers and users to leverage all the benefits of the Mysql 5.6 database. It is designed with advancements of the Mysql database system, offers faster processing of queries, caching, and reindexing. This advanced database also turns this E-commerce platform more powerful and offers flexibility.

Advanced Admin Interface

This is the next reason that you should update your online store with the updated Magento 2 platform. With Magento Developer had to take the support of several third-party tools, which made it more confusing. For beginners, utilizing the functionalities of the Magento 1 can be a daunting task. Secondly, it is not even built for mobile.

In Magento 2, the admin user interface has been enhanced by the experts. The upgraded version based admin interface is user friendly with responsive attributes. The product pages are easier to handle for the owners as they don’t have to click multiple tabs to create a product. With Magneto 1, adding products or other content such as videos or images of products is a major challenge making it a time-consuming process.

But Magento 2 E-commerce platform has resolved this challenge and with the default option, they can add the videos from youtube or as per their requirements. On the other hand, they can also set the default option for the same. With this upgraded interface, it is easy to manage the products and even multiple administrators can work on the website simultaneously. This is how users can keep track and improve the productivity of their team in a more efficient way.


These are the top benefits of Magento 2 and due to the above-mentioned reasons, you should consider this platform to launch your online store. It is integrated with additional features, which helps to meet with modern demands. If you are also planning to hire a Magento developer for your project, then make sure a developer should be proficient with the upgraded version and able to meet with all your project requirements.

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