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AlgoliaQB - First Release

Today I am releasing the first version of Algolia Query Builder. Its purpose is to make generating a filter query easier. You can then pass the generated query directly into the algoliasearch search function. Hopefully, this can help make others' lives easier as well as my own.


pip install algoliaqb
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Usage Example:

from algoliasearch.search_client import SearchClient
from algoliaqb import AlgoliaQueryBuilder
from flask import request

aqb = AlgoliaQueryBuilder(
        "group_id": "tenant_id",
        "is_reported": "is_reported"

# Extract the search query from our flask apps request.args var.
search_query = aqb.get_search_query(request.args)
# Get the filter query from our request args.
filter_query = aqb.get_filter_query(request.args)

# Now that we have the filter string, we just pass it into the search function.

search_client = SearchClient()
index = search_client.init_index("contacts")
results =, {"filters": filter_query})
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For more information please checkout Github or Pypi.

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