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Matthew Groves
Matthew Groves

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Matt's Tidbits #75 - Moving tidbits!

Last time, I wrote about how to resolve a Kotlin <-> Java interop issue. This week, I have some moving tidbits!

For the first time since Matt's Tidbits began, I missed a post (or 3). I've been moving to a new apartment this month, which has been a huge time commitment - but, I do have some interesting tidbits to share from the experience.

  1. When moving to a not-ground-floor apartment, be prepared for the possibility that your box spring may not fit up the stairwell. You can spend some extra money and purchase a "split box spring", or, you can modify your existing one! Here's the guide we used to pull this off:

  2. Verizon, like many companies, has an automated phone system. As you are probably aware, they offer both cellular service (Verizon Wireless), and also home connectivity (Verizon Fios). When you call, their system tries to intelligently only give you menu options that are relevant to your area. The problem is, they do this in a really bad way - they look at the area code of the phone number you're dialing from, and make a determination about what options to give you from that information. In my case (like many people), I kept my mobile phone number from where I grew up (Oregon), but I now live in Boston, MA. This is especially problematic because Verizon does not offer Fios services in Oregon - so any attempts to call Verizon Fios' customer service number automatically route you to Verizon Wireless instead. It took me multiple attempts to figure out what was happening, but one especially helpful customer service representative deduced that this could be happening due to my phone number being from a different area than the one I was living in. I believe their analysis is correct, but I'm rather perplexed by how Verizon missed this. To date, the only known workarounds are to use the online chat feature, or have a Verizon Wireless customer service representative transfer you to the appointment scheduling phone system for Fios. Hopefully this is something Verizon will fix in the future - it's a pretty big hassle for a potentially large segment of their customers.

I hope you learned something interesting, and next week I'll be back with more Android-related tidbits!

This tidbit was discovered on July 13, 2020.

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