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Advanced business solutions for business growth

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Firts published on Medium on the 7th of September -

The average person probably has only a vague understanding of the purpose of a proxy server but proxies are often used day-by-day in various business fields where they help automate many processes.
Here are some of the vital reasons why proxies should be used by business:

1.High-quality market research;
2.SEO research and reporting;
3.Price intelligence;
5.Faster speed and bandwidth savings.

Market research is the most important process above all and consists of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting all kinds of information that is important for businesses to make the right decisions. Every business in the world is doing market research before entering the market they want to work in and during all the existence of this business and this process has to be continuous. Proxy services look like they came out of the blue in this area but in reality, it really adds great value when you look at where you can use it — to automate various operations of data gathering and easily get valuable data by saving lots of money, time, avoiding geographic access restrictions and more.

How to choose the right proxies for your business

Of course, lots depends on the proxy provider and what it can offer for the business. When it comes to carrying out market research tasks, the largest value is created during the analysis instead of the process of data gathering so many market researchers are more lenient on the scalability of the proxy networks — and that is what you should look for when choosing a proxy provider.
Recently, one of the biggest proxy review sites Proxyway released an outstanding Proxy Market Research where they concluded that Smartproxy is the #1 proxy provider if you need proxies for Market research. Smartproxy is one of the most effective residential proxy providers with 40 million IPs in a proxy pool so that means that this provider can meet any need of its client and provide reliable services with a low error rate and location targeting feature that can benefit every business as well as offering proxies that are fast and aren’t flagged which is crucial when working with data gathering. Even thou proxies usually are pretty expensive, Smartproxy can offer you very affordable prices for residential and datacenter proxies and you can use their code SMARTPRO to get a 20% discount for your first purchase to save even more.

Some other proxy services worth mentioning to use for business growth:

High-quality proxy services and knowledge of how to use them can easily benefit business and help it grow whatever the business area would be. Automating many business processes with proxy services saves various resources so businesses can focus on spending more time searching for new opportunities in the market and successfully approaching their target audience to grow its revenue and to successfully compete in the market. Since the proxy market is pretty big, there is definitely the right proxy provider for your business and this opportunity shouldn’t be overlooked in the times, where data security, usage of high-quality data, SEO, and secure traffic are the keys to constantly grow and be smart in the market.

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