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Field Guide to Writing More Readable Code - Laravel

It's great news having this book that shows us how to write more flexible code for readers and I found this source that advertised that good news.

BaseCode focuses on code readability and other skills around writing clean, maintainable code for humans

  • Writing code that prioritizes readability by humans, not a computer
  • Avoiding code rot with analysis and automation
  • Untangling nested code to improve visual honesty and reduce reader overhead
  • Introducing objects to encapsulate complexity
  • Refactoring long blocks of code by understanding reading levels
  • Making naming things easy with context and time
  • Using code as the primary signal, not comments
  • Avoiding unnecessary code by using reasonable return values
  • Delaying the need to remove duplication with the Rule of Three
  • Improving code flow with symmetry
  • Deferring design decisions to reduce anxiety when writing code

I hope you enjoyed with me and I adore you who search for everything new.

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