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Discussion on: How do people store their spare tech kit?

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Ben Sinclair • Edited

waves from Edinburgh

I think you're stuck with the Big Box Of Crap method. Though for anything you're thinking of ditching, there's always the Remakery in Leith.

Other than that, see who at work wants any of it. You might find other people with similar tastes who give you their off-cuts at a later date!

Oh, and I bet the stuff you're keeping just-in-case is never going to get used, that's been my experience...

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Mark Nicol Author

Waves back from East Lothian. Hi Ben. The remakery is such a fab place. That is such a good call. At least half the computers and monitors in our house come from there and over the years we've had a pretty good 2 way trade. I've got a couple of laptops to drop off next time I'm through that way

Yep. Deep down I know you are probably right about that stuff. I just need to keep hold of it a little longer first ;-)