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4 Reasons why your LinkedIn isn't grabbing recruiters attention

Are you wondering why recruiters are not giving your LinkedIn profile the attention it deserves? 🙊 I was there too and this was what I have learned:


Your LinkedIn profile photo is often the first thing recruiters notice. It's important to take a clear photo, with a simple background and from the front. You can even use editing tools like remove bg to add some magic to your photo.


Your LinkedIn headline is like a mini elevator pitch – it should quickly communicate who you are and what you have to offer. Make sure to add a clear introduction of who you are and how you can contribute, using some personality and key words, while keeping it concise.

🔸About me

The "About me" section is your opportunity to showcase your unique story, skills, and passions. Write a simple and original text that connects to you as a person, highlighting who you are, where you came from and your biggest career achievements.


Ensure that your skills accurately reflect your expertise and consider reaching out to colleagues and connections for endorsements. Avoid using generic phrases and instead, be highly specific to your industry and dream role description.

✨ If you would like a review of your LinkedIn and some tips on how to improve it, I'm here to help 😊

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