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Where to Learn MongoDB in 2023

If you ask OpenAI where to learn MongoDB, you get a pretty dull answer:

MongoDB offers a variety of online and offline resources to help you learn MongoDB, including official documentation, tutorials, and the MongoDB University course. Additional learning resources include the MongoDB blog and community resources like MongoDB Atlas and Stack Overflow.

It's ok but not the best response - MongoDB Atlas is a platform, not a community resource - so I'm giving you our list of where we recommend learning MongoDB.

1. YouTube

Whether you want to learn MongoDB in 30 Minutes, Learn MERN stack in an hour, or take on Full Stack Web Development with freecodecamp, or a course to learn Python in Hindi, there's pretty much something for everyone.

2. MongoDB University

Just relaunched in November, the new MongoDB University available at completely revised its beginner level content and associate level certifications.

3. Udemy

Do you just prefer to pay for learning? Udemy has great courses for web development for every programming language. My personal favorite is the MERN stack front to back course, which is discounted right now to just $15.99 from $84.

4. MongoDB Developer Center

If you prefer to learn from step by step tutorials and code examples, the MongoDB Developer Center offers articles, quick starts, github repositories for every programming language. As an example, here's the aggregated page for Next.JS tutorials.

5. Official Documentation

And, of course, the official MongoDB documentation will always prove useful. In particular, users find the MongoDB guides helpful.

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