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Fast track your FastAPI implementation and eliminate boilerplate

ICYMI: MongoDB has released a new Full Stack FastAPI, React, MongoDB (FARM) base application generator for Python webdev.

It has always been easy and quick to start building modern web applications with MongoDB and FastAPI. But we still had to make many decisions about other parts of the stack, such as authentication, testing, integration etc., and manually integrate these components.

The MongoDB FastAPI app generator simplifies this process further via:

  • Docker Compose Integration
  • Built-in Authentication System: Includes user management schemas, models, CRUD, and APIs, with OAuth2 JWT token support and magic link authentication.
  • MongoDB ODMantic for ODM creation
  • Next.js/React Frontend with middleware authorization for page access control, Form validation using React Hook Form, State management with Redux, and CSS and templates with TailwindCSS, HeroIcons, and HeadlessUI
  • Operational and Monitoring Tools: Includes Celery for task management, Flower for job monitoring, Traefik for seamless load balancing and HTTPS certificate automation, and Github Actions for comprehensive front-end and back-end testing.

Go from zero to fullstack FastAPI application in less than ten minutes.

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Here is a link to the github repo so you can check it out!

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