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Why you're not Productive?


As my software engineering journey progressed, I found mistakes and short comings that slowed and lowered down my productivity bar. Years before, it seemed no problem
until I put myself through a Self Assessment process!

Today I would like to share those common Slippery Patches so you can get a feel and prepare yourself against them on the first hand

False Initialization (Lose the moment)

Being a human, we respond to everything that comes in for us. Either its a social interaction or work specific.

Region of time lapse must be ideal. As a developer, if a task is assigned to you, there should be a plan to implement and get along to finish line.

Time can never be infinite, so if you initiate stuff at the right time the possibility ratio of success broaden itself. You definitely get a chance to submit work at time. Using 8 hrs to complete work daily is an Art. Undoubtedly, you'll learn this by time and experience.

If you are unable to do so, time is near when you get stuck in Late night spendings for work and get your ass safe!
This directly cast a negative impact on your personal life. Either your family, friends or your own space.

Lack of Prioritization

Active and Passive are two natures that live inside developers. The person with first always know what's ahead, he/she plans and set up their schedulers while others just procrastinate.

This practice leads towards No Goal Achievement or Low Progess Levels. Also a common problem of those who are struggling to find a better fit between Work and Life.

Useless Internet Surfing

Developers love to connect with global world and its really awesome. But surf wisely not blindly. If you're use to scroll feed of your favorite app, many times in an hour. Chances are there to spoil your productivity bar. By surfing wisely I mean to surf in a specific time to chill and relieve stress. Watch podcasts, read books or watch a movie when you feel tired or frustrated!

So thats all for now!!

Have you faced these issues? or struggling to find a better fit. Let me know inside comments so we can tie threads and learn together!

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Jeremy Friesen

One of the habits I'm trying to engrain is writing a daily task journal. I use that journal to populate my daily stand-up (what did you do yesterday and what are you doing today). More importantly, I use it as a checklist.

I've found that if I'm feeling distracted or pulled in lots of directions, the best thing I can do is go for a short walk, grab some water to drink, and then sit back down and start writing a todo list. Or maybe an outline for a blog post.

I cannot emphasize enough how useful it is to simply write down a few tasks, even ones you just got done, and let your mind recenter on the tasks ahead.

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Moiz Ali

This sounds awesome Jeremy. I also like to write stuff on paper and draw mappings between tasks and distractions i.e., why I'm failing to produce results?

Also I support your intent of writing down small tasks of different categories and then place a check mark against each. Personally this clears my mind and maintain satisfaction. At the end "How much I'm aligned towards Goals"