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Magical Bulk Insertion in Rails 6


In modern apps we mostly have a requirement which allows user to perform bulk actions. Like insertion of records is the one.

On the first take you would come up with this version

Image description

Problematic Region

So what the hack? Above code is a classic situation of multiple sql insert calls, each for a movie creation. This yields slow performance, eventually bad code!

Workaround in Oldies

If you're running on Rails 5 and older versions, you might face the situtation where writing raw customized SQL or using gems like activerecord-import is the final option you left with.

Magic of Rails 6

But once you're up and running here, there is a method for you, built out of the box namely insert_all

Pick your wand and lets get started!

*We are discussing a Car model here

Image description

Documentation here:

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Can Olcer

This is great for simple use cases. For more involved cases, e.g. if you have associations or do want some kind of validation, the Activerecord-Import gem is awesome.

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Moiz Ali

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