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Khaja Moinuddin Mohammed
Khaja Moinuddin Mohammed

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What is your automation testing stack?

I am planning to put together the testing tools and frameworks into a spreadsheet with the help of the community members.

Please let us know what’s the tech stack of your automation testing across all layers like UI, API, Contract Testing, Unit Testing, Security Testing, Performance/load testing, Usability Testing, CI/CD, Containerization, Test Reporting, Monitoring of APIs etc., in the comments below.

Feel free to add if you have any other different testing done.

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dillan teagle

Unit tests - Pytest with Nox for automation
UI Tests -Dockerized Selenium Grid with Python, Robotframework
API Tests - Robotframework & Python
Integration testing database, third party - Robotframework & Python
Network testing - Robotframework & Python
Device Testing - Robotframework & Python

In CI/CD, all the categories of tests will be included and ran as a build step in such order. If the unit tests pass, the system under test is dockerized and launched separated from the dockerized test suite.

One additional test suite is the post production checks that also uses seleniumgrid to test on each browser with smoke tests and functionality to capture browser logs at run time, as well as Mob Browser Proxy with is a feature in itself. You should check it out!


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Artur Neumann

UI tests

Describe expected behaviour in Gherkin
Interpret the Gherkin with cucumber-js
Implement test details using nightwatch framework
Run tests in various browsers with Selenium
Run chrome & Firefox with selenium in drone, use saucelabs for other browsers

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Endtest is really all I need.