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10 SEO Plugins for WordPress 2020

Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress

Have you ever given a thought about the measures taken to turn your website Google friendly?

If the answer is no, then you have already fallen into a significant pitfall like many website owners. Now is the time to reassess and re-analyze your website.

If your answer is yes and you have already taken some action, then there is an excellent chance that there are many potential improvements you can still make.

WordPress is famous for being user-friendly and multiple options to choose from. In the wordpress world, there are thousands of SEO plugins that can help you with the SEO of your website. But it may be very cumbersome and time consuming to search and utilize all these plugins.

So here I am going to help you by giving you ten best SEO plugins that can assist you in taking your website to the next level in the world of Digital Marketing. These plugins, along with the content and presentation of your website, are the vital aspects of ensuring a top place in Google rankings.

So let us have a glance at the list of these plugins.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All In One SEO Pack
  3. Google XML Sitemaps
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
  6. W3 Total Cache
  7. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  8. WPtouch Mobile Plugin
  9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)
  10. Seo Optimized Images. Now let us go into the details of these plugins one by one.

Yoast SEO

Many of us often find it challenging to decide on the essential plugin we used as we use more than hundreds of plugins. It is not an easy task to choose the number one plugin among all those, but to most professionals and me, the favourite is Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin has an average rating of more than ⅘ and is considered as one of the most popular SEO plugins.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best plugin to be used if you need to improve your website SEO. With the help of this plugin you can create and optimize the content on-site very easily.

This plugin provides us with a lot of features like analyzing pages, sitemap functionality, technical wordpress SEO, etc.

My favorite feature of this plugin is the page analysis tool, which provides us with a report on the content of the page. The details on this report include readability score, number of links in the page, the appearance of the keyword in headings/ URL/ alt tag/ title/ meta description, etc. it also provides us with the length of title in characters and word count in the body.

All In One SEO Pack

Even though Yoast SEO is my all-time favorite, and I recommend it to everyone, some of you may not want to use it and would like to know the various alternatives. So, for those who are looking for other options to Yoast SEO, this plugin may be your answer.

All In One SEO Pack has been a great help to webmasters in coming up with an easy solution to a lot of SEO challenges since its launch in 2007. The most beneficial feature of all in one seo pack plugin is that it’s easy to use even for those with zero experience.

In this plugin you can set default input to some of the information and are not required to touch them unless you want to. There are a wide variety of features in this plugin, like setting override ability, support on google analytics, sitemap functionality, Title optimization, and Meta tag generation.

Google XML Sitemaps

Ever thought about how you are making your web pages available to the search engines?

If your answer is no, then you are missing an excellent opportunity to improve your SEO by making it easier for search engines to find your web pages by pointing them through the sitemaps. This is where the plugin GoogleXML Sitemaps comes in handy. With the help of this plugin you can generate a sitemap automatically, which makes the process of indexing your web pages a lot easier.

But let me tell you the best feature of this plugin. When you use this plugin to generate a sitemap, and you are satisfied with your settings, you can just sit back and relax as this plugin does everything like updating the sitemap after every time the new content is published.

*Note: While using this plugin make sure that you focus on the importance of basic options as they are essential. If you don’t know what to select, then you can just put the default setting there.

Broken Link Checker

Broken link checker is a plugin that is used to monitor the broken links, missing images, etc.We can consider this a trace plugin which continually checks over the content ( posts, pages, comments, etc.) for missing images and broken links and alerts us so that we can look over the content and modify it.

This plugin also provides us with the option to prevent a search engine from following the broken link and also to give broken links a unique appearance.

Broken Link Checker is a popular plugin with an overall rating of ⅘ and over four lakh installations.

This plugin’s importance rises with the size of the website, and as we add the content, the size of our site grows, and it becomes challenging to handle and maintain it. Hence this plugin is used as a monitoring tool, which reduces the occurrences of errors.

Google Analytics by Monster Insights

Every person with a website knows the importance of Google Analytics. For those of you who don’t, please do not worry because I will explain it in brief detail here.

If we integrate our website with Google Analytics, you can track a detailed report about your website traffic.

If you want access to this data, generally, you have to move between your site and Google Analytics, which can be cumbersome and time consuming. So to avoid this jumping between the sites and to access and review the Google Analytics data from the WordPress dashboard, we use this plugin “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.”

This plugin is so popular that it has an approximate of over 10 million downloads. The main features of this plugin include asynchronous useability, link tracking (both internal and outbound), data metric access from within WordPress Dashboard, Google Analytics API usage for installation, etc.

W3 Total Cache

How important do you think the speed of a website is to the search engine rankings?

If you think not very much, then you are already a step behind in the race of search engine rankings because the speed of a website has a significant impact on not just deciding the search engine rankings but also in the visitor retention of a website.

So the next issue that is to be resolved is improving the speed of the website. But, how do we proceed about improving the speed then? The answer to this question is the “W3 Total Cache” plugin.

This plugin includes many features like minification of third party javascript and CSS, caching of pages and posts, an increase of site speed, improvement of user experience, and finally, a ten-time improvement in the overall site performance.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

There is no doubt that WordPress is very secure, but we also know that there is nothing wrong with extra security.

As the owners of a website, it is our responsibility to protect the data of our clients. It is paramount that we maintain the confidentiality of our visitor data to ensure the integrity of our website.

So, this All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin will come in handy to tackle your website security. This plugin gives us the security point score to know the current status of the security of our website. Not only that, but this plugin also provides us with many features of security, such as tools to determine password strength, stopping user enumeration, detecting accounts with identical account names and login, etc.

Security of any website is such an essential aspect because any breach in security chases away both the current visitors and potential visitors to our website, which has a significant impact (negatively) on our site rankings. So make sure your security is up to the mark.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

In the past, people rarely visited websites on their mobile phones; hence many sites in the past neglected to make their websites mobile-friendly. But now the situation has changed, and people rarely use anything other than smart mobile and number of visitors from mobiles has skyrocketed.

So it has become a mandatory task to make our websites mobile-friendly. But all of us may not have the resources ( time or money) to update our site to be mobile-friendly. As an answer to those people, this plugin WPtouch Mobile Plugin was introduced.

This plugin automatically adds a mobile theme to our website. You can use the administration panel to customize the mobile theme of our website after the installation of this plugin. The best feature of WPtouch Mobile is that you don’t have to make any changes to the code, and this plugin does not disturb any settings related to the desktop theme.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

This plugin is essential to keep the bounce rate very low. Few of you may wonder what the bounce rate is. It is the percentage of visitors who don’t navigate our website but leave the page from the same page they entered.

A high bounce rate may negatively impact search engine rankings. So to avoid the increase in bounce rate we have to divert the attention of our website visitor to the other pages of our website. This can be quickly done by just displaying all the related pages or posts to the one the user searched on the page the visitor has entered. This is where the plugin YARPP ( Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) comes into play. After this plugin is installed and activated, it displays all the related posts, pages, or content related to the content visitor is looking.

This plugin includes features such as usage of algorithms to display the most related content, thumbnail view, list view, template features, etc.


You know that images play a crucial role in SEO as they help to improve user experience. But, you should not simply add images on to the website, you need to compress the images size so that your web page will load in quick time.

Smush plugin offers you a loss less compression to the images you added to the website automatically and it adds lazy load as well which will improve the website performe.

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