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Best Hosting for WordPress

This article is the guide to the best hosting for wordpress websites.

I have been developing wordpress websites since 2013 and have developed 100’s of websites so far and have hosted them with multiple hosting providers.

After all, I finally found the best hosting for wordpress websites recently. So, I decided to blog it up and share this one with you, all who are looking for a good hosting for your websites.

I have hosted this website with the same service provider as well.

Before I unveil the hosting provider, let me list down the essential features which you should check before you purchase the hosting space.

  1. Type of Hosting
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Support
  4. First time Price & Renewal Price
  5. Backups
  6. Security

Type of Hosting:
Hosting type is one of the most important things to know about before you make a purchase.

We have single domain & multi-domain hostings available in the market. Single domain hosting allows you to host only one domain in the space that you purchase.

It cost you less compared to multi-domain hosting. But, If you want to create one more website, you can’t use the same space to host the following website, so you need to purchase one more hosting space again.

Multi-domain hosting allows you to host multiple domains in the same space. So, if you have an intention to create various websites, then it’s better to go with multi-domain hosting.

SSL Certificate:
SSL – Secure sockets layer. It makes your website connection secure over the internet. This networking protocol will secure the data which your user entered on your website.

You should check whether the hosting provider provides this SSL certificate along with space, or you should purchase the SSL separately.

As you know, the hosting server is the heart of your website; you should choose the service provider who is offering instant support 24/7 over chat/mail whenever required.

If something goes wrong, that might cost your business, so make sure you select someone who offers the best support.

First time price & Renewal price:
One more important factor is the price; different service providers have different pricing styles—monthly billing or paying upfront for the number of months you choose to buy.

You can choose the type based on your interest and also make sure you check if there is a price change for the first time purchase and the renewal.

Backing up the complete website in specific time intervals would help us to revert to the old version when needed.

Generally, most of the hosting providers offer periodic auto backups for your websites. But, you need to check this before you go for it.

Security is one of the vital things for any website. WordPress sites are even more malware prone. So, choose a hosting provider who offers fully secured and servers and do auto malware checks regularly to make your website safe and secure.

Now, here is my all time favorite and the best hosting for wordpress. I.e., Cloudways.

Cloudways is a cloud hosting provider with an easy to use user interface. It collects hosting charges every month. So, you need not pay in bulk upfront and shouldn’t even think about the number of months.

It has a 3-day free trial to test the server before you spend your hard-earned money on purchasing this server. You can register for free now using the button below and check the remarkable features of Cloudways.

Unlimited Hosting
Another fantastic thing that you should know about cloudways is, it’s unlimited. Multiple domains can be hosted on a single server. You might be thinking of how many sites I can host?

If those are newly created sites, you can host up to 4 websites. In case you start getting more traffic to all of your websites, and it causes a heavy load on your server, the cloudways team will intimate you the same with an email so that you can quickly scale the server with a click.

Beauty is, with no downtime, your server will be scaled to the next slab, so you need not bother about the backups and manual upgradation.

Unlimited SSL Certificates
Another impressive feature in cloudways is unlimited SSL certificates for all the websites you host on the server. You shouldn’t purchase SSL separately, and you can directly install SSL certificates for all the sites with a button click.

Amazing Support Team
I love the support team in cloudways. Any questions/concerns will be addressed in less than 15 min. It happened to me! Kudos to Cloudways team!

All these fantastic features are starting with 10$ per month. You need not pay at a time; it will be auto-debited monthly. You can detach your card anytime when you want to close the server after migrating your files to the new server. Files migration is also so easy; it is just a button click away.

Cloudways the best hosting provider, not just for the WordPress websites but also for any other websites which are built on different technologies.

Step 2: Once you signed up, you should verify your email id by clicking on the link in the mail you received from cloudways and also very your phone number with the OTP you received.

Step 3: Server Creation, Click on the server link on the top and scroll down to choose the server size, by default it will be 2Gb you can drag the bar to 1GB so that you will be under 10$/month pack. If you continue with 2GB it cost you 20$/month.

How to register?
Step 1: Signup using the Register button on top by providing your Name, Email id and other details it asks for.

Pick the location from the dropdown, and click on ‘Launch Now‘ button at the bottom right to launch your server. It takes a few minutes to complete the server configuration.

Step 4: Application creation, click on the application link which is next to the server and create the app with your website name. It’s also super easy.

Just fill in the app name with your website name and select the type of the website eg. WordPress, PHP etc. and click on create app then your application will be created in a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Link your application with the domain name: Click on the application that you have created and then navigate to the domain management tab where you will have an option to add your domain name. Copy the domain name you purchased and paste it on the respective field. With this, you linked your domain name with the application.

Next, click the domain overview tab which is right above the domain management tab, and look for the IP address of the server which is on the right side of the screen. Copy the IP address, and head over to the domain name control panel, there click on DNS setting and look for A record option. Where you will find three columns, starting with @, A in the second column and in the third column you should paste the IP address you copied.

Step 6: In cloudways dashboard, click on SSL tab which is just below the domain management tab and provide you Email id and the domain name and click on configure SSL certificate. By doing this you can configure the free SSL certificate for your website in a few minutes.

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