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Twitter Bot that is generating unique color grids

The NFT craze came and went and whether you believe in them or not, no one can deny the possibilities and the coding behind the technology.
I have always been amazed by Fractals and random computer generated what is better than creating a twitter bot that shares the Fractals I generate with the world? a bot that responds to mentions and generate something.

The basic and simple idea behind it is by using tweepy and creating a bot that fetches mentions and check if certain words (command) and then creates something and send it back to the user who tweeted at the bot. that is exactly what I did..just for fun.

if you mention @machineation on twitter with "make grid" then the bot will take your twitter username, hash it, then create a random color grid seeded by the username.

I don't know if that would be an interesting post/tutorial to show how to code such a bot. If anyone is interested, then i will invest some time in it for sure.

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Andy Piper

I love a good Twitter API tutorial :-)

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